ELENA SAMODANOVA is an international multi-award winning artist originally from Russia who has worked extensively throughout Asia, US, Australia and Europe as choreographer and dancer. Some of her major credits include being featured as a Dancer/Choreographer in the Australian and India versions of hit TV show Dancing With The Stars and she was a choreographer on the Australian version of So You Think You Can Dance. During her youth Elena won many Russian championships and awards in Latin American and Ballroom genres internationally and she became a professional dancer at the tender age of 16 thus becoming the “World Youngest Professional Latin American Dancer” and soon after such, Elena was ranked the Top 20 dance couple in the world ranking in Latin American genre. Elena is also the National Australian Professional Latin American Champion having won the 4 major dance titles down under and as a result she has represented Australia on the World Dance Championship also reaching Top 10 world ranking in Latin American with WDC. Her international championship titles also include being the Asian Professional, Hong Kong, Japanese, Singaporean, Australian and England Champion. In 2015 Elena was invited as a Judge on Dancing With The Stars Russia where she became a most recognizable Latin Dancer/Choreographer in Russia.