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The spacious, airy nature of the Wick facility lends itself beautifully to entertaining, on and off stage. The Tavern Room can seat up to 60 people comfortably with lavish dining accoutrements and impeccable service perfect for every social occasion. Additionally, the theatre’s expansive lobby, fully-stocked bar, luxurious seating and dance floor often play host to a number of added attractions including late-night cabaret and other musical entertainments.

Dining packages that include tours and performances of the Wick Theatre and Costume Museum are always available and the menus change frequently. So, if you’re planning that very special event that calls for a unique dining experience, the Wick is your ticket. Just give us a call at 561-995-2333 and we’d be delighted to discuss a number of options with you.

Dames at Sea Dinner Menu

William J Walden Biography:
Resides in Palm Beach County Florida

William J Walden is a renowned Chef and Restaurateur with over 30 years of experience in the industry. He has a refined approach to French Cuisine and Gastronomy. Chef Walden brings years of experience and culinary expertise to Boca Raton where he intends to embark on his finest restaurant venue ever, “The Wick” which will serve Modern American French, Continental and Country Cuisine. There will be a strong emphasis given to what is extremely fresh; from local farms to your table, the chef will source daily from the markets to determine what will be on the menu. The result will be one of the finest quality dining establishments in all of Boca Raton and environs.

At the age of 18, Walden landed the job as Executive Chef for Giant Gourmet Inc. Chef Walden’s busy kitchen was so successful that the Grocery chain decided to implement the gourmet deli concept into the majority of their stores. Chef was responsible during his tenure for all hiring, firing, and training of staff in a multi-million dollar establishment. He was awarded “Best Department” chain wide and was recognized by the late Israel Cohen, President and Founder of Giant Food, Inc. at a private dinner in Greenbelt, MD. And he received a handsome bonus that was ultimately shared with his staff. Realizing that it takes a TEAM in order to be successful, Walden received the Merit award from the company and went “on the road” to supervise and participate in the opening of new stores and ensuring consistency in quality, service, and the development of a BML (Basic Menu Listing) that could be used by other chefs and cooks within the Corporate environment. Giant Gourmet was awarded the contract to Wolf Trap, where foodies, bon vivants, and delighted patrons could enjoy their meals while listening and watching concerts, Operas, and Musicals. The gourmet picnics were in excess of 8000+ weekly in addition to an average $150,000.00 weekly sales volume. Chef Walden wanted more…..

Chef Walden accepted a position at L’Auberge Chez Francois from the late Francois E Haeringer, an incredible chef, to work in his very busy kitchen in the bucolic surroundings of Great Falls, VA. The Famous restaurant has been a perennial favorite of Washingtonians for decades and Walden fit the bill under Francois’ tutelage to obtain and retain top billing amongst the entire VA, MD, and DC Metropolitan area as the #1 rated restaurant in the region. Diners, Dignitaries, Secretaries of State, Celebrities, Politicians, Diplomats, and even Presidents such as Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan, and George Bush were regulars with top security. Over the years, Chef Walden developed a strong relationship with Jacques Haeringer, Francois’ son who now runs the restaurant following in his Father’s footsteps.

Chef Walden was responsible for deliveries, food cost control, and constant supervision of the multi-million dollar operation. Chef Walden reported nightly to the late owner as to ensure absolute perfection and harmony throughout the operation. Being a Master Chef, Walden ensured perfection during the nightly theatre of this restaurant and total focus on its smooth operation. The restaurant was so popular that you had to reserve one month in advance to be guaranteed a table, and that with a credit card! Chez Francois is and has been one of the finest restaurants in the country. The late Francois E Haeringer will always be remembered by most every restaurateur in the Greater Metropolitan Area.

Chef Walden was a 50/50 owner with Louis Cheng in this independent and profitable restaurant in the most upscale shopping center in urban Loudoun County. Our sales volumes exceeded target objectives. Chef Walden was responsible for all hiring, firing, and training of staff. Our annual sales exceeded $1.7 million and the restaurant was a huge success. We were approached by brokers and agreed to sell to “Hooked” which is now a Seafood Restaurant in the current location.

Chef Walden embarked on owning his second restaurant in the suburbs and countryside of Virginia. The Restaurant had a primary focus on providing the community and environs great price points and wonderfully prepared cuisine. Chef Walden received top billing in all of the restaurant publications and was reviewed by the famed Tom Siestma of the Washington Post during his first three months in operation. The Restaurant was FULL and ran entirely on reservations only from that point on. Annual sales volumes were consistently higher than projected and averaged around the $1.2 million mark. Chef Walden hosted dignitaries and diplomats alike, just as his days were with L’Auberge Chez François. Projects such as Habitat for Humanity were funded by Walden in 2005 with a generous donation for a local family in need through the local chapter. La Fleur De Lis was sold in early 2007 to Elm Street Development Company for $1.2 million.

Chef Walden worked for several caterers and is renowned in the area as one of the top chefs in the region. He worked closely with the owners of Occasions, a Washington DC firm, to establish menu development, pricing strategies, and production benefits in order to achieve greater profitability. Walden was a Captain during the inaugural festivities for President Obama and personally oversaw several events for Senators, dignitaries, donors, and the Democratic National Congressional Campaign Committee Chair, Nancy Pelosi. Occasions reported a sales volume of $44 million in 2009. Walden was also hired by The Grille, to re-vamp the existing menu and to meet budget and food cost targets. Chef Walden delivered without fail and the menu hasn’t changed since Walden’s execution and inflections.

Chef Walden was hired to transition the property, Goodstone Inn and Estate into profitability and provide extraordinary cuisine in a relaxed and refined country setting. As Executive Chef of this multi-million dollar estate, Restaurant Sales doubled in the first year much to the delight of everyone involved. Chef Walden exuded his unwavering work ethic and took Goodstone all the way to top billing on Open Table in the area. Remarkable too is that under Walden’s tutelage, the Inn achieved top billing on Trip Advisor in the area and is still ranked #1 to this day. All of these accolades are 1st achievements notably. Chef Walden catered to dignitaries, politicians, celebrities, Huntsman, and all of the Inn’s patrons impeccably. During his tenure, the Chef was responsible for all aspects of the busy Food and Beverage operation including hiring, training, firing, staff meetings etc. Chef Walden went above and beyond his normal duties and assumed ownership for the off-site GM/Owner. Chef Walden won the award in Washington DC during the annual Food Fight for Hunger campaign, an annual charitable event to feed the hungry as Best hors’ d’ oeuvres taste and presentation. Notably, Walden was chosen by the great Jose Andreas as to serve the finest food and best quality for this Black Tie event which generated over $10 million for the homeless. Chef Walden participated in TV shows and Dining Out and is on the World Wide Web. Chef Walden also did a TV mini-series which was titled “Get Lost in Loudoun” and won the Emmy award for best video production in 2011. Please visit Google.com and type Executive Chef William Walden and the list and media will continue.