Celebrate the Roaring Twenties in 2020!

Don’t miss our new exhibit THE ROARING TWENTIES celebrating a period of liberation, celebration, glitz, and glamour whose effect on fashion remains even to this day. Our immersive and lavish exhibit is an exciting celebration of a truly golden era.

Your experience will begin in our museum lobby which has been transformed into a Pullman Car showcasing the fashions and remarkable history of the Suffrage Movement. Once inside our exhibition hall, our railway train is off on a trip around the world where you’ll feast your eyes on costumes from seven incredible Broadway shows set in spectacular locales of The Roaring Twenties! Our grand finale is a Great Gatsby celebration with bubbles and baubles, jazz and ragtime galore! 

The iconic fashions of the 1920s lend themselves to a fascinating exhibit for the Costume Museum at the Wick and we are very excited to present them to you in a beautiful, fully-interactive setting. 

So, “All Aboard” for the best Exhibit yet!

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