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The Wick Angels

What we do:

We are the first line of word of mouth advertisement for the theatre. Every show. Every event. We are the Ambassadors to the South Florida  community.

We volunteer to assist the Theatre staff with:


Our Auditions always require Monitors to assist the Production staff in the collection of Headshots/Resumes, Forms and answering questions and maintaining schedules for the proper running of the audition call.

Airport transportation to Boca for Out of Town Actors:

When our performers arrive by air from around the country, we often need assistance in picking them up from either the West Palm Beach or Fort Lauderdale International Airports. They are then transported to either the Theatre or Company Housing in Boca. Volunteers will be compensated for gas and parking.

Hospitality for our Benefactors in our Concierge Donor’s Suite:

Our new Concierge Donor’s Suite will require volunteers to assist in making our exclusive Benefactor’s suite welcoming and pleasant. Volunteers will be checking membership at the entry door, assisting with Photo Opportunities, Meet and Greets and other special events.

Special Events:

The Wick Theatre and Costume Museum hosts Special Events and One-Nighters throughout the year. These performances will require assistance from our Angels, who will be on site to do everything that they would normally do during a regular show night.

Museum Tours:

Our docents often need assistance keeping our tours in order. Often, our tours include 30 or more persons and it’s often difficult to maintain groups of elderly persons who find it difficult to walk, even for a short time. It’s also imperative to have additional sets of eyes on patrons who are tempted to touch priceless costume pieces.  And help guide patrons to the correct place.

Educational Programs:

The Wick is dedicated to development of Educational Theatre Programs in the coming year. In order to accomplish this, we need help from our patrons and volunteers who are committed to bringing younger audiences into the Wick for their first theatrical experience. Children, Grandchildren, Great Grandchildren: We need your help getting them in the door.


We staff our lobby table to recruit benefactors and volunteers and assist in educating patrons about the forthcoming productions. We act as Ambassadors to the Condo Communities so prevalent in our region – encouraging social clubs and entertainment committees to book group tours to the museum and groups to shows.  We assist in educating audience members and assisting fellow patrons.

So, if you see anything on this list you’d like to do, all you have to do is sign up today!

Volunteers get exclusive benefits for their service!

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